About Me



I'm a dreamer. I've traveled, loved, lost, found, wandered, despaired and occasionally triumphed. I suffer from both idealism and depression and I'm drawn to stories that capture the human intensity I've seen in the world.  I've worked in private and government circles, and I currently reside in Central Europe.

Science Fiction


Science Fiction is where I put my hope. However dark, the characters in these stories are fighters and survivors and hope connects them, even when they don't see it. I also explore, in my own small way, the grander themes; the epic qualities of bravery and the lure of larger dimensions and alien textures.

Noir Thrillers


These stories center on the new Cold War, following the lives of spies, soldiers, and intelligence officers; people who are drawn to sharp edges and burning earth; battlefields and covert operations gone wrong, and the adrenaline high of survival at its most potent.